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Building science at its best

Airtight Retro-fit Remodels

This is a can of worms that I will condense as best I can with just enough information to make someone dangerous. Building science strongly suggests, and new codes reflect this, that keeping homes air-tight is a better way of building then allowing them to “breathe” as we allow them to do now. Condensation on your air supply vents? Organic growth around them or other areas of your home? These are common signs of issues caused by your home breathing. 

The other way I try to explain it is like this; our subtropical climate has a great deal of moisture in the air. As this moist air from the outside interacts with the dryer air of your interior, the different temperatures create condensation points exacerbated by moisture already in the outside air. This condensation then happens in the interior of your home, i.e. the air register, organic growth issues, etc. 

We specialize in the process of creating necessary access to the points of your home that require sealing, accomplished by spray foam, the necessary testing process, and the restoration of the home so that the only thing you notice when we are done are the benefits of an air-tight home. Reduced energy bill, ease of temperature of humidity control of your home, better air quality, quieter home, and one that is much more difficult for bugs to enter. 

This is a large under-taking and requires many moving parts. We can get you there and have been fortunate enough to connect with some of the leading engineers in the building science industry of air-tight to be able to consult with and partner with on such a project. 

This is an overly simplified version of what all is involved and a detailed visit and consultation are essential to better understanding this process. Last tid-bit of info. Did you know spray foam is only truly effective if it is properly tested post install? 

Contact us today, pick our brain, building science is our passion!

Airtight Retro-fit Remodels

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