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Crafted by Jake is a carpentry first company, completing the carpentry work in-house while subcontracting the necessary trades, ie plumbing and electrical. We are happy to help with kitchens, bathrooms, whole-home, exterior siding, deck, as well as carpentry-related repairs. Contact us today



It's a new chapter for me, after leaving corporate retail management in 2015 to pursue my passion for carpentry and construction, an industry I grew up in. All roads have finally lead me to this point, "Crafted by Jake Inc". A lot of people have helped me to get to this point; my wife, father, brother, and my friends in and around the industry I am grateful for the advise and connections they have freely gave along the way. I strive to be a consciousnesses professional who is constantly honing both my carpentry craft and my business accumen. I strive to be a good communicator and FOLLOW THROUGH on things. I am only human, and 1 at that, but my intention remains steadfast in offering my clients a personal experience that leads to high-end results.

- Jake Ranney


Humbly, me. I am not just the contractor I am your partner in pursuing a project you have likely put a great deal of thought into. I remain intimately involved in every aspect of your project from cost planning to completion. Whether it’s me physically doing the work, or overseeing it, my goal is to craft your project not just get it done. I am born and raised on HHI, am raising my family here, and at the end of the day want to ensure that my clients are not just happy with the project I did for them, but are happy to see me and my family on this small, unique island.

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