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A culmination of decades of experience (thanks to my brother and father here), combined with the desire to "DO BETTER" for our clients has lead Crafted by Jake to adopt a model that breaks the mold in typical remodeling format.


Step 1: the traditional, meet, greet and review job. Typically a 30 minute introduction to you, me and your project.

Step 2: provide a free rough estimate for your work based on a 30 minute walk-through.

This is where the traditional approach to remolding stops and moves into starting work from there.

Step 3: This is where we separate ourselves from the start. If you agree that the estimate is within the expectation you had for the project we move into Cost Planning.

Cost Planning

Step 4: We meet again for approximately 1-2 hours. In this meeting we review all the design details associated with your project and work in a direction that leads to proper planning so that your project starts with the immediate ability to be finished. From cost planning we develop a budget, a schedule, prep for permit (if necessary) and set expectations for material purchase and delivery. This is a critical part of any project that truly sets us apart and breaks the mold. This is a paid service ranging from $125 -$500 based on project size.

Craft & Install

Step 5: Start your project with proper planning in place, rather than the typical 30 minute set up.

Step 6: Complete your project with high-level communication and on time.


Step 7: Review us on Google, recommend us to your friends and family, and stay in touch, let us know how your project does overtime for you and if there is anything else we can do to improve your home.

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