Decks & Exteriors

Deck installation & finishing, windows, and exterior repairs. Anyone can build a deck, it’s just concrete (though I’ve seen too many without) posts some 2”x (2 by) framing and deck boards. But then again anyone can be an artist too, it’s just paint and a brush, or a lawyer, it’s just books and talking right? To build a deck right, like art or law or what have you, you have to know what you’re doing. In construction you’ll be hard pressed to find that knowledge in a book. Fortunately for me it came the hard way. I have repaired many many many decks over the years. Nearly every time the client blamed poor craftsmanship, and while that can at times be the case more often than not there were other reasons. An obstacle the carpenter simply did not have an alternative to, a lack of building science knowledge that is ever changing, or simply something that was completely unforeseen and with the beautiful benefit of hindsight and some investigation help, in my case the person doing the repairs, mentally note a better way. 

Taking this knowledge I have combined with experience and building science knowledge I have refined a process for deck construction that will stand the test of time. “A deck so strong it’ll hold your house up”. We live in a beautiful place (even in July and August) and being outside, on a deck, is a great way to enjoy it. Anyone can build you a deck. 

If you would like a deck that is crafted with care, knowledge, and desire to be something better, well that’s why I’m here, that’s what Crafted by Jake is all about. 

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