The story for me goes like this. I saw the price tag on custom cabinets and thought to myself, that looks great and is certainly worth the dollar. Custom cabinets, especially in unique kitchen designs are almost a must, but there has to be something more affordable without compromising quality. Enter the last time I install the big box cabinets a few years ago now. Terrible customer service, finishes that scratched and chipped if you looked at them the wrong way and their “high-end” cabinets that just did not make the grade. 

I just knew there had to be something better than the big box, along the same price, that did not force the client to jump to custom and the costs associated with that. After searching and inquiring (sometimes complaining) relentlessly, I found it. The great compromise, custom quality cabinets. Soft-closure, full plywood boxes and doors (some styles have MDF inserts to accomplish the look), durable and beautiful finishes. 

I contacted the Atlanta-based warehouse to find out how I could become a part of what they are doing. Now today, as a US Cabinet Depot authorized dealer I am finally able to offer that quality WITH a price that beats the big box. I finally have a cabinet I am proud to stand behind, and a price that I absolutely challenge you to beat with the same quality. And in true infomercial style that’s not all! I put on my van “ask about our cabinet deals” and here’s the deal. Bring me your big box, “act now or else”, quadruple discount blah blah blah quote and let me show you what I can do. 

Here’s the BEST part about my cabinet deals:

  • In most cases 1-week lead times (industry standard is 4-8 weeks) 

  • Custom quality, value price 

  • Humbly, me. NO “sales rep” that is off today and has a full schedule until he/she doesn’t return your call. It’s me, I measure your job, I review design and style ideas with you, I order your cabinets, I demo your kitchen, I install your cabinets. I follow up and ensure you are loving your dream kitchen. 

I never know how things are read in print, but know all that I write is with pride and excitement. I worked long and hard to find something I would be proud to put in my home, my mother’s home (that was a mark my dad alway said to aspire to), my friends home, and at a price that I would be proud of too. I am really truly excited about these cabinets and the possibilities they offer. If you want/need custom, we can certainly accommodate that as well through a great local source.

Contact us today to get started.